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Has it been almost a year since I wrote my post on where to find background music for your screencasts? Evidently so, but I recently came across a new site that offers free music and sound effects, so I thought I must share. Yes, FREE. says they offer free royalty free music and sound effects that you can use for any production, advertising, education or video.

Being the suspicious type, I contacted the company to ask, “How the heck do you plan on making any money if you give all your music away for free?”

Sherine, a representative from the company, was nice enough to respond to my outburst.  As she says, “We are getting our library together and will have a paid section later but it will be at ridiculously affordable prices, unlike the $5 to $100 per track that you see now in the market. We are just building up the awareness for the site now. Nevertheless, the free music and effects you see will always be there and more will be added to them.”

So there you have it: a source for free music and sound effects.

The site itself is a bit tedious to navigate, they don’t have a sophisticated search engine common to some of the bigger music sites. But with a little time and patience you can dig through and find some interesting and unique background music.



  1. OMG! Thank you A LOT for this post! This site is incredible and JewelBeat has a lot of great quality background musics & effects.

    WOW! Merci vraiment beaucoup pour ce post ! Ce site est incroyable et JewelBeat regorge de tapis musicaux et effets de grandes qualités.

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  3. suenich

    jamendo is great but not royalty free 🙁 and the pro version is sooo expensive if you are using a lot of music like me.
    Thank you so much this great share. exactly what I was looking for.

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