Guerrilla Live Streaming Like a Boss: The Guide

OccupySFWirecastThe abundance of streaming options, some free, some not, have garnered great impact for the Occupy movement. Wirecast and other tools, are enabling technically-savvy protestors to effectively perpetuate their message. Streaming, guerilla-style, is yet another ode to the inherent power of live.

In an article for the Huffington Post, Radley Balko chronicles how protestors are using video from their phones and social media to publicize police abuse. In the article, Carlos Miller, of the Photography is Not a Crime blog is quoted as saying, “The amazing thing about these videos is that as soon as the police start to use force, you see 15 cellphone cameras go up in the air,” Miller says. “It’s pretty amazing.”

For those of you wishing to contribute to the unfolding story, and who need to master their streaming prowess quickly Colleen Henry has put together a guide just for you. In her Google+ post, Guerrilla Live Streaming Like a Boss, Colleen covers the pitfalls, and provides all the considerations you’ll need. You’ll also learn useful things like how to build a directional Yagi antenna out of a pringles can to shoot wifi coverage down to a specific spot.

Whether you’re on the street, and in the thick of things, or streaming from an established observation point, Colleen lays it all out for you. It’s an excellent post. Read it thoroughly.

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