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Wirecast + YouTube

 Finally we can talk about it!  YouTube announced some significant improvements to YouTube Live, and Wirecast for YouTube is one of them!  YouTube Partners who are authorized for livestreaming can now download Wirecast for YouTube free of charge, enjoy the gorgeous and intuitive UI, and stream their content directly to YouTube.  Curious?  Want to have a look?  Take a tour, on the Wirecast for YouTube Channel.



  1. Christine Porter

    Once you’re in the Video Manager, click on the “Live Events” button. If you’ve been enabled to do live streaming on YouTube, you’ll see a banner at the top.

  2. Christine Porter

    Here’s the word from folks at YouTube:

    Live access is only available to select partners, not all partners. We are working to expand access to all partners and hope to make it available in near future.

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  4. Mitch

    Hey i downloaded this, but for some reason i can not see the bottom part of it when i open it, like i cant see the desktop menu and the other stuff down their. I have a new computer and i went threw customer support but they said they do not support wirecast for youtube. Any suggestions?

  5. Hi,
    I am a youtube partner, I could install wire cast, I could also stream a live event BUT: as a viewer I could not see the video (the message read: video not available).
    After finishing the event I was able to watch the recorded video. During the event, other people had seen the event live.
    Can you tell me what went wrong?

  6. Hello, my company is a partner that has been selected by YouTube to stream live.

    Wirecase for YouTube is on my Macbook Air; however, I do not want to use the iSight Camera as my broadcasting camera

    Is there a way to use my iPad 4th Gen, on the same network as the computer as my Camera, instead of the built-in camera?

    Thank you.

  7. David

    This software is great and we’re gearing up to do our first live webcast in Feb. with it however there doesn’t seem to be an option to set the pixel aspect ratio of a device in the software. This is truly the only thing that I’m missing, will it be added in a future update?

    We use the Roland VR-3 switcher which outputs an SD 4:3 signal but we record with HD cameras. If we record with HD but output a composite signal through SD then the signal is squished so I need the ability to change the PAR to anamorphic SD so I don’t have to record and subsequently output a 4:3 SD signal.

    Great software though! This is the only thing I need so I don’t have to use Adobe’s Flash Media Live Encoder!

  8. Hi, I’m having the same problem as Roy. I just downloaded Wirecast for youtube today and it gives me that error when trying to launch it. Reinstalling doesnt work. I have the latest .NET framework.

    My OS is Win 7 64bit.

    Hope you can help!

  9. Hello, I have a problem installing and Wirecast is that when I finish a window (cmd.exe) and says:
    Device node created. Install is complete when drivers are installed…
    Updating drivers for* TSVADPCM from: C:Programs FilesGoogle/Wirecast for YouTubefiltersVirtualMicrophonex64tsvad.inf.
    driverman.exe failed
    After that window closes and the program takes another window that says:
    There is a problem With This Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as exected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.
    The truth and tried reinstalling Windows installer ye searched many more solutions which do not work. I have a PC with Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit.

  10. huffn3000

    We are planning on doing a Live Broadcasting today with one musician in New York, one in LA and us in a different location in LA. Is it possible to do that with Wirecast for Youtube?

    Could you walk us through how we would go about doing that? or if you have a link that explains how to do that, I would be grateful!

  11. Nathanial

    I installed Wirecast onto a nonvideo editing PC just to check out it’s functionality. I really liked what I saw, but now the option to download Wirecast (to our video editing PC) is now gone.
    I have been researching a lot trying to find where I downloaded Wirecast from originally and appartently there was a banner to download the software in Video Manager under the Live Events section.
    We just finished installing the Blackmagic DeckLink HD Extreme 3D+ to our video PC, believing it would intergrate flawlessly with Wirecast, and the access to install Wirecast we once had seems to be gone.
    I will take all feedback and advice on this one.

  12. Bern Rexer

    Hello Christine;
    Where is the link to install? I’m not seeing this link available any longer in YouTube video manager / live events or from Telestream.
    Where can I find a list of what is new in the update?
    Is there a future version considered that will allow multiple streams instead of 1 stream per instance?
    Thanks much!!

  13. Mighat

    I have downloaded the application and tried to use it with my YouTube Live Events account.
    Here is the major challenge with Wirecast that pushed me back toward Adobe Flash Media Encoder:
    Most of the cameras’ feeds from firewires or USBs give you an output of 4:3 or 3:2 based on how old is the camera.
    Wirecast only output to 16:9 based on YouTube preference.
    I have no control to adjust the output size or crop the video to achieve a perfect Live Feed to Youtube without black boxes either on top or sides.
    I was able to do this with Adobe product with ease.
    I put this comment here as an improvement request for someone who gave your product a 2 days testing in several scenarios.
    Other than this Big show stopper, we liked the App-friendliness and other extra features that comes with Wirecast.

  14. I have installed this program on multiple computers to test it and my one hurdle is getting logged in…. I have watched the instructional videos but there is never a log-in option directly in the program like it shows… it always takes me to the website i log in… it then gives me a string of code to “copy” and insert back into my program but the program never asks me for the code or gives me the option to complete the log in… I have screenshots and everything if there is an email address i can send them to… I have emialed multiple people and no response… Google for non-profits told me that I am able to do live broadcasting and I have already set up test events still no luck… they advised that i had to speak to someoen at Wirecast…


  15. I have successfully installed Wirecast for Youtube on a Windows 7 32-bit machine. I am not a full partner with Youtube, so I must broadcast through Google + Hangouts on Air. In setting up my livestream, I can both see the live video stream and hear the audio in the Wirecast encoder, but on Hangouts, I am not getting my video, only audio. Any ideas what might be the issue here? I do have the output to Hangouts feature checked, also.

  16. hola amigos solo una cosa, me da un error d eun mensaje que dice lo siguiente “Hay un problema con este paquete de Windows Installer. Hay un programa que se ejecuta como parte de de la instalación que no ha finalizado como se esperaba. Póngase en contacto con el personal de soporte técnico o el proveedor del paquete.”

    alguna solución???

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  18. Marina Passaseo

    Hello, I downloaded wirecast for youtube 5.0.1 and I cannot start it
    The error I get is: An unhandled exception occured, windows mini dump saved.
    Tried to reinstall, change user … no luck
    I finalli tried to download the wirecast 5.0.3 trial version and it works (with watermarks) so it is not an hardware problem.
    Dell Inspiron Duo, win7 home edition, .NET updated, can you tell me how to solve this problem? (googling around I saw Im not the only one)
    Thanks Marina

  19. Marina Passaseo

    I’ve tried with wirecast for you tube 5.0.2 but does not
    work as well. I contacted the support team as you suggested,
    I hope they can solve.
    thanks Marina

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