Quintessential ScreenFlow: Birthday Party Invite

Matthieu Blanco wants to encourage people to stop hiding behind technology.

As he says, (in his native French,) “La force de ce que vous créez (un podcast, une peinture, une musique, ou autre chose) c’est vous. C’est l’émotion que vous allez transmettre.”

[Translation: The strength of what you create (a podcast, painting, music, or anything else) is you. It is the emotion you put forth.]

In other words, don’t let the fact that you don’t have the latest and most powerful programs or technology stop you from making videos!

I say: Bravo, great message!

Matthieu, a loyal ScreenFlow user, demonstrates his point stunningly in this video which he created quickly with just some PNGs, Keynote and ScreenFlow.

“Aucunement besoin d’une suite de logiciels métiers pour de la 3D, de motion, after effects ou 3DSMax. Des PNG créées sous l’AdobeCS, animées dans Keynote et montées dans Screenflow. Rien de plus, rien de moins et un résultat très propre comme vous pouvez le constater.”

[Translation: No need for a suite of business software for 3D, Motion, After Effects or 3DSMax. PNGs created with AdobeCS, animated in Keynote and loaded into ScreenFlow. Nothing more, nothing less and a very clean result as you can see.]

Thank you, Matthieu!


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