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Wirecast for YouTube

Big news this week with YouTube! In case you missed it, the requirements for live streaming on YouTube just got a lot easier. Now anyone who has (a) a YouTube account in good standing, and (b) 1000+ subscribers will be able to stream live on YouTube.  We couldn’t be happier. You can read all about it on the YouTube Creator Blog.

Shortly before the announcement, we rolled out our new Wirecast for YouTube platform.  These tools have been optimized for YouTube and include the capability for ad insertion and for streaming from Wirecast direct to Hangouts.  Wirecast for YouTube is scalable, so you can start with Wirecast for YouTube Play for free and move upstream when you’re looking to do more complex, multi-camera streams, and/or want to add some punch with features like titling and green screen.

If you meet the new requirements, you can download Wirecast for YouTube direct from YouTube’s Video Manager.  After creating your new live event, you’ll be prompted to “Select your encoder.”  When you choose Wirecast for YouTube, you’ll be presented with options for Wirecast for YouTube Play (free), Studio ($199), or Pro ($549), which are all heavily discounted and optimized for YouTube!


  1. Christine Porter

    Hi Tim — That is an excellent question. You can use the Wirecast for YouTube Products for streaming to Hangouts independent of the subscriber requirement. And yes, it is a separate piece of software. If you have (regular) Wirecast you can also stream to Hangouts. Cheers 🙂

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  3. Christine Porter

    @ J Kidd: Yep — Wirecast also streams to YouTube. Wirecast for YouTube has nearly all the same features, however you’re limited to streaming to the YouTube platform. Also, the virtual camera out feature is tied to Google Hangouts (with Wirecast, you can expand to Skype, GoToMeeting, etc.)

  4. This would be great, if it worked. But with every version of Wirecast for the last couple months failing to authenticate w Youtube, using every single browser, multiple machines and even brand-new, fully verified, allowed-to-stream YouTube account, it’s simply not ready for prime time.

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