PNG Cursors and Shapes for Download

One of our wonderful ScreenFlow users, Michael Glasser from Prescott Computer Guy recently created some PNG cursors and shapes for ScreenFlow users. Michael posted these files for download from his site, along with a short video on how to use them, and another short video on how he made the cursors.

As Michael says, “I posted some PNG files that can be used with ScreenFlow (or elsewhere). Just some pretty basic arrows and bubbles. If someone needs a specific shape let me know and I can likely toss something together.

“For anyone who wants to make their own: create an image and save it as a PNG-24 with transparency. Just drag to ScreenFlow and use. ”

Also, in case you missed it, in a previous blog post, Using still images in your ScreenFlow movies, there are a whole host of different shapes you can download for use in your ScreenFlow projects.

Thank you, Michael!

And if any of you out there have other shapes or PNGs you’d like to make available to other users, please let me know, and I’ll be sure to get them up here.


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