Flowtility’s Pro Transition Pak for ScreenFlow!

FlowtilityIntroducing Flowtility’s Pro Transition Pak for ScreenFlow!

Hey ScreenFlow Producers!  We love providing you with more tools for your toolkit.  Our friends at Flowtility have launched a new Pro Transition Pak that we know you’ll love.  The Pak includes 30+ transitions to make your projects sizzle and pop.  What’s really cool is all the transitions install directly into ScreenFlow’s Transition Inspector, so they’re there when you need them.  Always.

For details, take a look at the videos below or, to purchase click “I need this!” to get 30+ transitions for just $30.

I need this!

What’s included in the Flowtility Pro Transition Pak?


See the Pak in action in a real ScreenFlow Project:

Don’t have ScreenFlow yet? Download the free trial here!


  1. ana

    It does look great – except it doesn’t work. I use Screenflow in my Mac and have purchased and installed Flowtility. It does not appear in my transitions. The “support” tells me to re start the program and re install. Have done this several times. Nothing.
    Please be prepared to help clients instead of assuming that it will integrate flawlessly. Big disappointment.

  2. Melvin Herndon

    Well I would like to provide feedback on the fact there seems to be no indication on the proper method for installing the add on paks? Nothing in email nothing when the files are unzipped. What is the intent here. Is it to just dump them in their respective folders under a FlowTility folder in Movies? Or is there a way to add them into the screen flow application interface. Quite disappointing. First off I had to open a ticket just to download all the individual paks (I bought the super pak bundle). I then discovered because Google has screwed with their browser to try and attempt to disallow file extensions that could potentially compromise security. Might I suggest that perhaps there be a note added to their download page that states if the download starts in Chrome for Mac and then exits with a failed download which will then automatically reject any subsequent requests to switch to either Mozilla or Safari. I did that waiting for the files to be added to the dropbox account Telestream has. I am familiar with your software but have never had a valid license until now and even had to report that after purchasing through PayPal that the redirect back to the website showed a modal popup with information like the download link for SF and information on the other product(s). It was unreadable because the text spanned wider than the white modal background. This in turn caused some the text other than hyperlinks to show up a very light grey color which became unreadable.

    • Rayna Charnley

      Hi Melvin,

      Thank you for your feedback. We understand your frustrations and are in the process of updating the download and installation process so that it is more seamless. We are also hoping to update our documentation so that there are clearer instructions on how to download and install the Flowtility products.

      The Motion Graphics Library is essentially a folder of media files that you would pull into your ScreenFlow projects as you need to through the Media Library option. The Flowtility Transitions do get installed directly into ScreenFlow so that you have more transitions to choose from in your Transition Inspector.

      Thanks again for you feedback on this. We hope you enjoy using ScreenFlow!”

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