Honeycomb Disrupts the Content Delivery Market with Telestream

New to the industry, London-based digital delivery service provider, Honeycomb, has used Telestream products to push the limits of media distribution, and quickly make a name for themselves in the industry.

Within their first year of operation, Honeycomb successfully developed new and radically different intelligent automated workflows that disrupted the content delivery market. With the help of Telestream workflow and quality control (QC) solutions, Honeycomb can automate key media processes and use cloud computing technology, to offer much faster media delivery services to their clients that cost much less. In fact, Honeycomb’s average process time for the delivery of a commercial is just 20-30 minutes. And, in ideal situations they can deliver an ad from an editor timeline to the broadcaster, (including a full QC and compliance check) in just 10 minutes.

The workflow 

All media transcoding and workflow orchestration is performed with Vantage Media Processing Platform. Simultaneously, Switch is used as a video player for manual reviews of critical content. All while relying on Vidchecker to perform the core of their QC operations to ensure full compliance.

Honeycomb’s innovative content delivery method is supported by the fact that Vantage workflows are powerful and easy to develop. And since Vantage is a future-proof solution, Honeycomb can be confident that they will be able to support any format or standard that emerges (currently UHD, HDR, WCG and HFR formats are all supported in Vantage).

To learn more about Telestream’s workflow solutions, visit our website or call us at 1-530-470-1300. You can also download our free e-book, Video Workflow Management.

To learn more about Honeycomb visit their website, or email honey@honeycomb.tv.

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