Take a Behind-the-Scenes Look Inside the Telestream Studio!

Have you ever wondered how we produce our live shows and webinars? Here at Telestream HQ, we have a fully equipped web studio that we use to produce webinars, tutorials, live shows, promotional videos and more! And as you can image…it takes A LOT of equipment to create all this content! Our fully-equipped live streaming studio has everything we need to produce high-quality and engaging live broadcasts. Take an inside look below at the tools inside our studio and learn tips to set-up your own successful streaming studio!

Below I’ve listed the tools we use to produce, stream and publish our live shows, webinars and more!

Camera: We use a BlackMagic URSA Mini Pro camera from BlackMagic

Capture Card: We run the BlackMagic URSA Mini Pro into a AJA IO 4K Capture Card 

Microphone: We use a Isomax CountryMan and Associates microphone as well as a Blue Yeti Studio Microphone 

Mixers: Both microphones run into a Mackie 12-Channel Mixer (located in the studio) which then goes into our Alto Live 1202 12-Channel Mixer (located in our production room). This unusual setup allows our hosts to make live audio adjustments from the Mackie mixer as needed – but still gives overall control to our producer in the production room. *Common practice would be to run the microphones directly into the channel mixer in the production room

Green Screen: We made our own green screen with a piece of green cloth, but they can also be purchased from popular stores like Amazon

Lights: We use several Fancier LED 500 lights mounted on a truss system to light our green screen. We also use a Neewer RL 18 inch Ring Light to light our host

Teleprompter: We use a Prompterpeople teleprompter to display our video output. This acts as a confidence monitor for our hosts and helps them keep track of what shot is live at any given moment

System: We run Wirecast on a MacPro which streams to Wowza. Wowza then redistributes the live stream to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope and records all at once.

Video Editing: We create and edit all our promotional videos and GIFs using ScreenFlow 

What do you think of our live streaming studio? How does it compare to your studio at home? Be sure to tell us in the comments and tag us in any of your live shows or videos!

To learn more about Wirecast or ScreenFlow visit our website, or download our ebook Cost-Effective Live Event Streaming.

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