Multiscreen Packaging, Delivery & Monitoring at CABSAT 2018

Telestream at CABSAT 2018

There is no media company that isn’t having to deal with multiscreen delivery.  There is an explosion in the amount of content being distributed OTT and the number of formats media companies need to deal with to make that happen.  Service providers are concerned about QoS and QoE, and they need data and analytics that will help them respond rapidly and improve performance.  Everyone needs to better understand what is happening in the delivery chain and how it impacts the viewer experience.  Smart media companies are now creating efficiencies in the packaging and delivery of assets and also monitoring and responding to the performance of their delivery network.

This year at CABSAT, we demonstrated end-to-end streaming and monitoring solutions, including cutting-edge technology for video preparation, packaging, and analysis. In particular, we’re giving customers strategies for OTT delivery and monetization.  To that end, we have new tools for live streaming and VOD best practices.  These are essential for anyone creating or delivering content.

This was also the first CABSAT we’ve attended as one company since Telestream acquired IneoQuest last year.  The iQ product line really extends that high-quality Telestream experience from the point of content ingest right up to the point of consumption, both on traditional and mobile devices. iQ solutions help content distributors understand their network’s performance, and quickly detect, identify, and resolve problems that could impact a significant number of viewers.   Active monitoring at various points of the delivery network allows for rapid fault detection and troubleshooting.  And ABR monitoring ensures that the content origin is operating properly and that delivery networks, including third-party CDNs and access networks, are performing to expectations.



  1. is there a way i can get two copies under one account at a discount on second copy of program so i can have one
    at two different locations. I know that companies selling data bases have multiple copies under a license do that so
    thought I’d check with you.

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