Quintessential ScreenFlow: Music Video

The Quintessential ScreenFlow series is meant to showcase some of the cutting edge techniques that ScreenFlow-ers are using  to create their videos. My pick for this week is definitely pushing the boundaries of ScreenFlow’s editing features but it’s also a great example of what you can do with ScreenFlow and a little creativity.

Dan and Tristan of the band TheBARSandTONE, used ScreenFlow to create a music video of their cover of the Goo-Goo Doll’s song Name.  The video uses 11 separate video tracks, each recorded separately and captured into ScreenFlow. They then took those video tracks and their audio and put it all together, like a puzzle, in ScreenFlow.

The result is a very unique and memorable music video.



  1. Saw this video the other day and was really impressed. Their timing had to be impeccable. Only thing I woud have added guys, are some fun text add-ins to explain the different shots of who was playing and who was singing and such, but really creative nonetheless.

    If the creators drop by, I was wondering if they could offer some tips on the audio aspect of the recording, like as in what sound systems they are using, how the edited the audio, and at what specs did they import and export from screenflow.

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